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How To Prevent Pine Bark Beetles

Pine bark beetles are the most deadly threat to red pine trees in the state of Minnesota. They are responsible for wiping out thousands of acres of pine trees every year by burrowing underneath the bark and creating tunnels, which limit the tree’s ability to access water, eventually killing it.

Healthy trees are less vulnerable to the pine bark beetle, but trees that have been recently damaged by storms, high winds, or other diseases are a much larger target. Make sure that any damaged pine trees are inspected by a professional before the winter to ensure no beetles are living within the bark.

How to Manage the Spread of Pine Bark Beetles?

In order to prevent Pine Bark Beetles from being present in your trees, contact a professional arborist and ask about what proactive treatments are available. This is the only way to guarantee your pine trees are protected from this threat.

If you are aware that pine bark beetles are already present near you, contact us immediately to help prevent them from spreading further. Depending on how bad they are, there are a couple of different ways to treat pine bark beetle when they are present.

In a case where the beetles have been living in the bark for a couple of weeks, we will likely need to remove the tree to stop the spreading, but if we catch them fast enough, we can save the infected tree with special treatment.

Dead Pine Trees From Pine Bark Beetle
Pine Bark Beetle Tunneling Through a Pine Tree

What Are The Symptoms Of Pine Bark Beetles?

If you notice any of the following symptoms on your pine trees, contact a professional Arborist in your area immediately:

  • Yellowing of needles throughout summer, or browning during late summer/early fall
  • Typically present in a small group of three to five trees near each other
  • Holes around the bark from the burrowing
    • If holes exist, remove small pieces of bark to see if larvae are present

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