Oak Wilt Disease

If you are in the Chanhassen area, your Oak Trees have potentially been exposed to Oak Wilt. Oak Wilt is a deadly disease responsible for killing many oak trees every year in Minnesota. The disease typically comes around in July and lingers into late October. Contact a tree care professional today to help you prevent this disease from spreading to your oak trees.

How to Prevent or Stop the Spread of Oak Wilt?

If there are reports of Oak Wilt in your area, contact a professional arborist to inspect your trees and determine necessary actions to stop the spread of this disease on your property. Various methods can be used to prevent the disease from showing up on your property, or if it already has, prevent it from spreading any further. Eliminating this disease may include any or all of the following actions:

  • Using Fungicides to treat valuable trees that haven’t already been infected
  • Appropriately removing logs from wilted trees
  • Completely removing oaks that are wilted and continuing to produce Oak Wilt
  • Cutting Roots

Fungicide Killing Oak Wilt Disease
Wilted Oak Tree In Minnesota Damaged By Oak Wilt Disease

What Are The Symptoms Of Oak Wilt Disease?

If you notice any of the following symptoms on your oak trees, contact a professional Arborist in your area immediately:

  • Rapidly wilting leaves, typically starting at the top of the tree and working its way down
  • Leaves are turning a discolored brown
  • Leaves are quickly falling off the tree
  • Underneath the bark of the tree, there may be a blue stain on the wood

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Our team of professional Arborists are equipped to service homeowners in Chanhassen, MN with their tree service needs. In addition to Oak Wilt prevention, offer the following services:

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  • Stump Removal
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